2018 – Time to review your IT Support?

Jan 10 2018

2018 – Time to review your IT Support?

Christmas is over and many businesses return motivated to review their IT support arrangements.

Whether you have out grown your incumbent support provider, their service levels are not good enough or simply you want to bench mark your existing contract there are important factors to consider when choosing a new IT Support partner. S2 Technologies deliver class leading IT Support and Maintenance to the business sector. Compiled over a period of time please consider some of the questions we get asked if they are not already on your own criteria. 1. How many Technicians does your company have, what competencies have they achieved? 2. Do you sub contract? 3. What relationship we will have, do you offer named Technical engineers for continuity? 4. How do you operate your business systems and what technologies have you invested in that will help our business? 5. What is your companies training programme and how do you keep abreast of emerging technologies? e.g. cloud computing, online backup 6. Do you understand our business, how many other businesses and over what length of time have you served them for? 7. What is your approach to working with existing third parties? 8. What other services are available outside of Support? e.g. Project Management, Hardware, Remote working 9. Will you be offered the chance to speak with existing clients to gauge the quality of service being offered? 10. We need Service Level Agreements but how flexible are your terms? 11. Will you support home workers? 12. Are you entitled to unlimited telephone and remote support, what other charges could we face?

What next?

We are confident that we can offer you a leading class IT Support service, so please contact us today to discuss our services in more detail and join our base of existing satisfied support clients.
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