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Dropbox for business header

Dropbox for Business

Business data, centralised

and always available

“Our NAS was failing and everthing else was in the cloud, we moved to Dropbox and now have our files centralised, backed up and accessible securely by our field staff. JT, SVC”

Dropbox is a service that allows all or privileged members of your staff access to and modification of files and documents stored in the cloud. In addition to online access data is automatically synchronised locally working seamlessly in the background providing users access to data whilst off line. If your company would benefit from secure shared data access with the ability to collaborate within teams and external partners, Dropbox for business may be the ideal solution.

Features include:

  • Administration console for centralised management
  • Integration with your active directory Windows Server authentication
  • Reporting of user activity
  • Unlimited file recovery and version history
  • File editing between users without overwriting changes

Dedicated phone support in addition to online resources.

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