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Exhaust the return on investment from your existing hardware and adopt cloud services to keep your business efficient and competitive.

With the emergence of cloud computing many businesses are still deciding whether they should push the button or remain safe with what they have and know.

Like many others you may be concerned with who actually holds your data and where they are located? How safe is your data and what if the online company disappears? Will your Internet connection perform to achieve the user experience that you are looking for? It makes technical sense but commercially is it a viable option?

If you see the benefits of cloud computing but still clawing your return on investment back from the on premise systems in place then a strategic phased migration may the better route with a Hybrid model.

S2 have formed close alliances with key reputable cloud service providers to offer you the best of both worlds. A typical hybrid model could include on premise server security with file sharing extended to include hosted Microsoft Exchange Email, Software as a Service (SaaS) security and hosted accounting. Where possible with single sign on from your local server security.

A hybrid solution may also be the right solution for a complete technology refresh in addition to enhancing your existing systems.

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