Mar 17 2020

Covid 19 Coronavirus Statement

17th March 2020

The Health, safety and welfare of our staff members will always remain our highest priority. Furthermore, the same priorities exist for our clients.

With the accelerated infection of the UK Population and announcements made by the UK Government and health services regarding the global Pandemic Covid 19 Coronavirus, S2 Technologies has made the decision to execute our planned and tested continuity plan.

As you would expect our planning will result in no change to the service levels we deliver. Staff members have been equipped with hardware and access to our secure support systems and communications to allow them to securely work from their home.

We hope that our overview Questions and Answers will answer most queries, but we remain in contact on our main line number 01865 980256 should you have any further questions.

How will you offer the support services?

Exactly the same way. Our Engineers have secure access to the same systems and information. Support can be gained via the helpdesk telephone 01865 980256, email or through your client portal.

Will service levels be affected?

Not at all and that extends to the proactive monitoring and reporting of your systems. Our support systems allow us the same secure visibility irrespective of where our engineers work. Your primary engineer will be alerted in the same way and have visibility at all times.

Can I reach my primary engineer?

Absolutely. Currently all S2 staff members remain working. Messages left with the helpdesk will be escalated to staff members.

What will happen with site visits?

Under the guidance of the Government and our Health and Safety consultant all site visits have been suspended. Scheduled support visits will be replaced with dedicated remote support provided by your primary engineer for the duration of your planned visit.

Will you offer emergency visits?

Firstly, we will need to understand if you and any colleagues have either suffered infection, cold related symptoms, scares or come into contact with any other person with the same. We will discuss your current situation and make a decision. Staff members will be equipped with hand sanitisers and required to wash their hands before and after leaving the premises.

What advice can you give for our business?

If not, already you should be preparing for home working. We are currently opening discussions with all clients that have not already contacted us. With Technology advancements such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint online, Google Suite and secure remote access working we will be able to contribute and execute the agreed strategy. Please contact us on 01865 980256 or email

We hope this addresses any concerns you may have but please be rest assured we will be making every effort to minimise the impact that is currently facing us all and will ensure you remain updated with any changes through proactive communications and the latest news section of the S2 Technologies web site.

Kind Regards

Simon Withers

Managing Director

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