What You Need To Know About Cloud Backup For Office 365

May 15 2019

What You Need To Know About Cloud Backup For Office 365

Data is one of your business’s most valuable assets. With this, it also becomes your most significant risk. Planning the storage of data is essential, yet it is something that many organisations take for granted. Often, data is saved to a physical server without a second thought. What if something happens to the server? Critical information needs backing up, and the safest place for data storage is in the cloud.


Is Office 365 Enough?


Office 365 is one of the most popular business solutions. Many organisations have transitioned from Exchange and other systems to Office 365. In fact, it has over 120 million business users. The reason is because of the multiple benefits it offers. Office 365 increases business competitiveness as well as offering value for money. A notable feature of Office 365 is that it provides backup and restoration. Many organisations believe this is enough for their critical data, but is it?


Data backup is the ability to retrieve an independent copy of the data so that it can be restored in the event that a system is unavailable. Office 365 offers the capability of restoring items if they have been deleted. You can also set up the system to retain deleted items for a certain amount of time. However, if Office 365 is offline, then you cannot access the system, and you cannot retrieve any items.


Perhaps the central area of concern for businesses is the fact that Office 365 does not provide Litigation Hold for public folders. This means that for businesses who want to ensure their public folders have sufficient backup, it requires a third-party solution that offers Cloud Backup for Office 365. Third-party solutions are often more effective at complying with recent data laws such as GDPR.


Office 365 Vulnerabilities


Despite offering limited backup and restore functionalities, there are still some areas where Office 365 exposes its weaknesses. For example, an unhappy employee may be able to destroy information held by Office 365. Alternatively, someone may be able to delete a file by mistake and close the application which can remove the possibility of retrieving the information. Similarly, Office 365 does have specific security vulnerabilities which can enable a third-party to gain


The benefits of Cloud Backup for Office 365


1.    Scalability

The great thing about a third-party backup solution for Office 365 is it has scalability so that the backup can grow alongside your business. We charge just £5 per user per month which means you can increase and decrease the protection you need depending on the requirements of the business. This scalability is completely flexible making it easy to budget and adapt your solution to suit the demands of the organisation.


2.    Usability

One quick search makes it easy to recover the files you need. What’s more, this can be done from one singular management platform making the system completely user-friendly and easy to operate. A focus on user experience makes the platform intuitive and easy to follow.


3.    Reliability

Daily automated backups mean there is one less thing for the IT team to worry about as data backup and recovery is managed remotely. Once the data is backed up through the automated system, it is then stored in a high-security, SAS 70-certified storage centre which can handle as much or as little data as you need.


4.    Retrieval

Data mistakes can happen, which is why it is vital for organisations to be able to retrieve their data with ease and efficiency. With Cloud Backup for Office 365, it is easy to find and restore documents to save them from deletion or overwriting mistakes.


5.    Affordability

The costs of recovery management, hardware and updates in terms of cost, resources and staff can be expensive to manage internally. By outsourcing data recovery through a cloud-based backup system, it significantly saves costs but also becomes one less thing to worry about and frees up business resources too.


6.    Immediacy

You do not have to wait to restore files or find the information you need. The immediacy of Cloud Backup makes it easy to access information so that there is no unnecessary wasted time in getting the data that the business needs.


Costing just £5 per user per month, Cloud Backup for Office 365 gives you peace of mind, security and a complete backup strategy for businesses which can not only save time and money but ensures you have data when you need it most.

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